Mallow - Nimbus Land [+ interview]

artist: Mallow
release name: Nimbus Land
format /type: digital /LP
label: Urban Waves Records
country: USA
release date: 20 November 2012
genre: electronic, experimental, atmospheric, hip hop, 8bit, spaced out 
download link:

We brought you another mad blend* debut album titled “Nimbus Land” by Mallow a young and promising producer out of Boston, USA. Mallow hit us up earlier this year with his single Geno Blast that we released a while back in our single series. We were imediately drawn into his imaginary universe that is so easily outlined by his very deep music. Future’s looking bright when hearing this album, give it a listen and if you want to learn more about this dude, we did an interview with Mallow just for you!


Interview with Mallow for Urban Waves ‘Nimbus Land’ album release

November 20, 2012

Could you tell us about where you’re from?

I’m originally from St. Louis, MO but I’m living in Boston now


What does your alias means?

Mallow is a character in Super Mario RPG that can be played on Super Nintendo. He is a cloud person born into royalty as a Prince, but when a storm hits his native land he drifts to tadpole pond and is raised by the tadpoles that live there. Mallow grows up thinking he is a tadpole when in fact he is a cloud person. He has a very strong proclivity for magic making him a useful ally during the course of Mario’s quest. 


When did you become interested in making music? What’s your background?

I started playing drums when I was in middle school. It was also around this time that I downloaded a Fruity Loops demo and started making beats. Drums took over for most of high school and then In college I got really into the electronic hip hop stuff and started making beats again.


Could you describe your musical style?

Hmmmm… I’m having a hard time finding an answer for this one. I’m not trying to act arrogant I just don’t know how to sum it up in a way that’s really telling. I guess you could say its influenced by super nintendo, hip hop, and whatever else is in my head.  


Do you have a particular process when you’re making a track?

I just let it come out of me. Sometimes the original idea is drums or a melody, sometimes I hear the whole beat before I sit down at ableton. Also whiskey.


What was your state of mind in the making of Nimbus Land?

I wanna say it was great but it was pretty dark for most of it. I think that’s why the album has this “it’s gonna be ok” feel to it, because I was kind of trying to convince myself that it would be. Making music has a real healing effect on me so the Mallow stuff tends to be fed by sides of me that need that. Also, whiskey.


Any future musical projects you would like to share?

My band Bear Language is finishing up an album. We don’t have a release date yet but be on the look out for that. You can download our latest EP “The Ventriloquist” for free on our site 

As for Mallow, I’m at work on the next project. Whether it’ll be an EP or another Album I don’t know yet. 


What is your personal motto?

You know you get them hoes when you’re hangin’ in the street 


Would you like to make any shout-outs?

Shout out to Kayla Escobedo for the artwork and Nick Susi for shifting some of his attention off managing Bear Language to help me out. Also, shouts out to Urban Waves!

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