ELOS - Kid Him

artist: ELOS
release name: Kid Him
format /type: digital /LP
label: Alpha Pup
country: USA
release date: 27 August 2013
genre: electronica, beats, hip hop, nu hop, glitch, 8bit
download link:


Elos is evolving. L.A.-born Chaz Lewis is a quiet storm of the Low End Theory sound. KID HIM was almost the alter-ego, but instead we find the young 24 year-old Elos embracing tempo, exploring fidelity, and pushing genre. Conceptually it gets far-out from the author: “The discovery of a new direction through a sci-fi tale of loss and isolation. Our captain finds his outer-dimensional vessel shipwrecked, creating a new home in a cave near the crash site…”. Sonically it shows off. The vintage synthesizers and beat programs are resonating with the familiar, extraterrestrial terrain. 

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